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Triennial Surveys

Triennial surveys are conducted at three-year intervals and include all tests listed below, plus complete outlet and capital equipment inventories, in accordance with Joint Commission Standard EC 02.05.01 EP2.

  • Testing for gaseous contaminants, in accordance with CGA "Commodities Specification", U.S.P., and NFPA-99 in each zone

  • 100% ultrasonic outlet leak detection of zone valves and outlets where accessible and manifold systems

  • Verification of zone valve service areas and proper labeling of valves and alarms

  • Oxygen percent and carbon dioxide content in Oxygen and Medical Air

  • Pipeline particulate testing at random outlets in each zone

  • Medical Air remote dew point monitoring in each zone to identify possible condensation locations

  • Outlet static and operating pressures (PSI), flow rates (LPM) from random outlets in patient and treatment areas, as well as outlets, hose drops, and flex hoses

  • ​Vacuum static and operating pressures in (in Hg) and flow rate (SCFM), including all outlets, hose drops, and flex hoses

  • Area alarm function tests for 20% low pressure signals (sensors downstream of valves)

  • Master and other alarms with sensors on supply side, locate and manipulate in-line sensors where possible or electrical function tests only. No altering of central systems pressures is conducted and no switching of gas banks at manifolds which could interrupt services

  • Verification of medical air intake location, filters, dryers, on-line monitors, etc.

  • Verification of vacuum roof exhaust

Routine Surveys

Routine Surveys are conducted during 2-year interims between Triennial Surveys and provide comprehensive reports for the statuses of existing central and operating systems. Each zone is tested, service areas are identified, and proper labeling of zone valve boxes and alarms are confirmed. We are proud of our comprehensive medical gas testing & vacuum system services.